Thursday, January 11, 2007

State of the State Reviewer

I will represent the Libertarian response to Governor Mitch Daniels' State of the State Address, Tuesday evening on WXNT 1430-am, heard on-air throught Central Indiana, or online at

As I understand it, WXNT's Abdul Hakim Shabazz will host a special evening edition of his show with representatives of the three parties issuing a preview of what we expect to hear, and then a re-cap with our takes on the speech.

These are fun events, as the Republican can be expected to rah-rah or at least spin everything Mitch says, the Democrat will assail or spin everything, and I'm free to simply analyze- does it make government smaller, less expensive, or less intrusive- on those merits.

Look for more broadcast details shortly.


Ed Gluck said...

Feel free to mention why Indiana had to lease its toll road to a foreign corporation. (They expect 12% gain and U.S. banks expect twice that. They make risky investments knowing if - more like when - they fail they will be bailed out by the American tax payer.)

This is fruit of the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor has a reserve. Since the Libertarian Party is the only party for abolition of the "Federal Reserve" it is the only legitimate party.

You can also mention that the "Fed" transfers wealth from the working to the very wealthy. All productive members of society should be voting Libertarian, the only legitimate party.

Abdul said...


You did a great job tonight. Thanks for joining us.