Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Voting For, Voting Against

I rarely have any second thoughts about my presidential votes. I've cast the last three for Libertarian candidates and felt good about it.

Get that. I voted for Michael Badnarik, and Harry Browne (twice). Never have I voted against one major party candidate in favor of another.

I'm wonder if that might change in 2008. Brian Doherty's new Reason article got me to thinking about it. There are definitely some that I would vote against. Tops among the Republicans to vote against is John McCain. For the Democrats, it's Hilary Clinton. Both strike me as power-mad, self-serving maniacs who could give a rip about the effects their policies might have on the country.

If they both win their nominations, it will be easier than ever for me to vote Libertarian. It wouldn't even matter who the candidate is. However, if only one of these two wins the nomination, I might be sorely tempted to cross party lines and vote for a major party candidate for the first time in 16 years. I really would vote against these two... but McCain's the worst.

I was delighted to see Reason Magazine's new cover. It nails part of my opinion of McCain: "authoritarian maverick", although it does leave out, "hypocrite". I will never forgive him for McCain-Feingold.

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Jane said...

I just found your blog and totally agree with you about this. McCain-Feingold is an unforgivable sin.