Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hard Facts, Indeed

As I approach my fourth year of blogging, I find that I'm beginning to tire of it.

It was a great release when I was new to Central Indiana and didn't have many friends, or political or professional contacts. That's not an issue any more.

I recently took a look at the stats for my blog and discovered that my traffic is down. Way down. A steady decline since my campaign ended.

I also find that the nature of my work is such that I keep my trap shut on some things that I see as an insider, because although I have strong feelings about things, I would jeopardize my business relationships. Things I have said 2-3 years ago are lurking and probably could hurt my business if they are to be discovered. Do I self-censor and delete? It's the smart thing to do, for sure.

So, at the end of the day, if I'm not excited by it, and readers aren't there, I can hardly see a point. Am I wrong? I'm sure other bloggers have felt this. Tell me about it.


Michael said...

Stats do not a success make. That's my thought on the matter, anyway. I think all of us who blog go through up and down periods in our activities. I've definitely noticed that I do less in the winter months than I do in the spring and summer.
I, for one would hate to see you stop blogging altogether. You're good at it and you do have something to say that lots of folks want to hear.

As for self censorship...well, that's a personal call. I couldn't do it, (beyond what I do for the sake of propriety). If it would affect your business, well that's a personal call and no-one's business but yours. Although, I do think that any customer who would hold your exercising your right to free speech in a rational and well written manner against you isn't worth doing business with.
I'd hate to see you delete and censor. You've said too many things that needed saying. There's too little of that going on these days.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Your blog is one of my favorite blogs. I like your writing style and I visit your blog frequently...

I have considered not blogging; however, I am fairly addicted...

Mike Sylvester

Jon said...

Blogs, at least political blogs, receive short shrift in Indiana. Post a blog about the Pacers or the Colts and you have find dozens of posts. But post an article about local politics and the comments trickle in.

How else can we explain the apathetic response with the I-69 extension or the Indy Works fisaco? The I-69 route chosen will cost 800-900 million over the secondary route and Indy Works will not save money but will in fact cost more money. Think increased wages and benefits to level IPD and metro benefits, add social security for IPD and you start to get the picture.

For whatever reason we just don't care. There is an old adage about we get the government we deserve.