Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So, You Want Government To Run Health Care?

I'm very glad that the madness at Walter Reed is being exposed, with all the horrors of the place being exposed. Make the connection- Walter Reed is the prime example of health care that is 100% government provided.

Feast your eyes. Look well upon it. Doesn't stack up too well against the last private hospital you were in, does it? So, is this what you want? There's a beautiful quote in a CNN report:
"A soldier who fights the battle shouldn't have to come home and fight the battle of bureaucracy," (Acting Army Secretary Pete Geren) said.

It's a government hospital. Government is nothing if not bureaucracy. Where's the surprise? It's unjust to the soldier, but entirely predictable.

Now, I believe that the military needs to have medical facilities, and it ought to hold them to the highest standard, but what you see is what you get. To me, it's 100% predictable. So, in the wake of the evidence, shouldn't there be some sort of outcry in favor of privatizing Walter Reed? Shouldn't this occur to at least the Republicans, and more generally, to anyone who can make a comparative analysis? And yet, crickets. The lack of such a reaction shows the deep commitment to government by Republicans and Democrats, regardless of whether the enterprise succeeds, or as in the case of Walter Reed, is a complete and miserable failure.


Jeff Pruitt said...

Facility maitenance on Walter Reed was outsourced to IAP (Halliburton)...

Mike Kole said...

Jeff, I should have been more clear. I used the word 'privatized' loosely. As we can see, when things are outsourced by the Federal Government to Administration cronies, they aren't inspected and watched over the way a for-profit, at-risk capitalist does.

Private hospitals make mistakes, to be sure. Hospitals are run by humans. However, when you have a private concern risking its' own capital and managing its' own facilities, you have the best chance for success because it has the greatest investment at stake. IAP didn't invest in the facilities. Clearly it's 'thinking' was that it would operate on the cheap and walk away from the whole thing.

Indeed, I regard public resources privately managed as the best opportunity for corruption. No shareholders to answer to, and politicos willing to tolerate substandard performance. It's a lethal combination.

bobett said...

Thanks kindly for bringing the
difference of private v.s. public
(government ruined) health care
to the forefront.

If Walter Reed and all Military
Hospitals were "privatized" and
not run (ruined) by politicians
then they would be managed efficiently and with the greatest care to their patients. Again,
patients will always receive better care when the private sector has muich more at stake.

Jeff: Lutheran Hospital and I believe Parkview Hospital ranks in the top 100 Hospitals Nationwide for patient care. That's right here in Fort Wayne.
The reason why I mention this is
because Fort Wayne is not a major Medical University town funded by government. So obviously, it's working here.

Jeff Pruitt said...


After reading your comment I guess I misunderstood your original "privatize" argument.

We are in full agreement...