Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SJR-7 is DEAD!

Well, if this isn't like a refreshing drink of cool water on a humid August afternoon, I don't know what is. From WTHR's initial report:

A key House committee has failed to advance a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage Tuesday - a move some lawmakers said would kill the proposal for this year.

The House Rules Committee voted 5-5 on a resolution supporting the amendment. Since there was no majority, the measure failed to pass.

I thought for sure this would pass the Committee and then test the resolve of the House Democrats as a whole. It's nice to be wrong!

I'm delighted with the result. It tears me up to think of a class of people being told that they are unwelcome in our state. That's what SJR-7 would have done. One's sexual orientation hurts nobody. It doesn't pick your pocket. It doesn't wound your body. It doesn't change what you hold dear. Good riddance, SJR-7!

Government has no business regulating marriage. It would have been even nicer to hear any elected official say so, especially from a so-called "limited government conservative Republican". This whole exercise proves that there aren't any smaller government Republicans in Indiana.

I hope this leads to more Democrats becoming emboldened enough to stand up for people living life their way in more areas of life. They might just find their soul along the way.

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Bil Browning said...

And I'm extremely proud of the hard work you put into the cause personally, Mike, as well as the efforts of the Indiana Libertarian Party. You have my thanks and admiration.