Friday, July 06, 2007

Hoosier, or Illini?

It's hard to tell what state I live in these days, as I've been spending more time in Illinois lately than at home in Indiana. The absence is evident in the posts... or lack thereof. I've been on contracts in Danville, Decatur, Dundee- really, any place in Illinois that begins with a 'D'. It's good work, all for AT&T. I've worked 121 sites in the past 60 days or so.

Anyhow, I sadly missed out on Andy Horning's latest political activity, as I even spent the 4th of July working on the road. I am greatly encouraged that at long last Hoosiers are starting to feel a real anger about the state of taxation here. It's a shame it takes real agony to spur real action. But, if the public is at long last awakening, I take stock in it.

It's funny, when I moved from Ohio just 5 years ago, I was thrilled with Indiana, because compared to Ohio, this is a tax haven. Problem is, it's less and less true all the time. It's amazing to me how the situation has deteriorated in these five years, especially in the area of property taxes. Marion County has been astonishingly irresponsible in its' tax policies. It's as though Bart Peterson has a burning desire to drive all people of means out of Marion County.

Anyhow, here is some linkage to Hoosiers for Fair Taxation: Blog. It just launched recently, and has some interesting posts alrady, including one about a hardware store offering a new kind of 'for sale by owner' sign.

Indianapolis Fair Tax Meetup: Link.

Excellent YouTube video clips:

Part 1 of 3:
Part 2 of 3:
Part 3 of 3:

(I'd like to say at this point that New Blogger sucks. One used to be able to post up videos hosted on YouTube directly, so that the reader could simply click. I guess it's because Blogger is affiliated with Google, and Google competes with YouTube, that this function is no longer available. Yep- New Blogger sucks.)


Michael said...

Mike! Welcome back!

Glad to hear the work's steady, even if it is in the Peoples Republic of Illinois. Hope we get to see more of ya, real soon!

The tax issue here does seem to be on everyone's mind. Unfortunately, it's 4 months till any kind of election and the results of that election are unlikely to spur any kind of reform. The same tax and spend people will be placed back in office.
Hopefully, when button pushing time comes we'll see the voters do the right thing...finally.
Short of that...folks should invest in tar and feathers for real change.

gRegor said...

Google owns Youtube actually, so that's not it. You should still be able to paste in the embed code that's listed on the Youtube page.

Kristen Luidhardtg said...

Yep, gregor is right. If you click on the tab in your editor that says "Edit HTML" you can paste the code there and it will show up in your post.