Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pluses & Minuses

I was fairly floored when I saw that Mayor Peterson's recommendation for the budget crisis was the cut all departments by 10%, with the exception of public safety. My gosh, where have we heard this before?! Hoosier Libertarians, myself included, have recommended this as a good policy direction for the entire five years I've been in Central Indiana. That's a plus.

But Peterson also recommended passing his proposed tax hike. Cutting budgets is so good and so necessary that I want to be all praise, but I just cannot. Tax hikes drive out wealth. It doesn't take a genius to understand this. Peterson, being in the land development business, should understand this better than the average politician. And yet, he stands by his tax. It's senseless, breaking things as he fixes them. If he were your child, you'd smack his ass and straighten him out. This is a minus.

The City-County Council passed the tax. Couldn't tell by reading the Indy Star this morning. How could this not be headline news? The CCC just did something to drive more wealth out of the County, giving me more new neighbors here in Hamilton County. Are they hell-bent on making Indianapolis a poverty magnet? It sure seems that way. Reminds me of Cleveland, how it went from a city of about 1 million to 400,000 in 20 years. How? A few small policy decision: a move from neighborhood schools to forced busing. An income tax increase. That's all it took. Major minus.

As usual, my decision to flee Marion County has been reaffirmed. I take very little pleasure in noting this.

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varangianguard said...

How many Deputy Mayors does it take for the Mayor to be able play politics all day long? If he acted like the executive he was elected to be, the answer would be none.

Fire all Deputy Mayors and Deputy Chiefs. There will be a chunk of change saved, plus it will be good for the environment, considering how much worthless paperwork will go uncopied.