Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amazing Night of Leno

My dream Leno: Ron Paul and the Sex Pistols! Every now and then, the blind squirrel finds a nut! Check out Paul's fine showing on the Tonight Show from last night, Oct 30, 2007:

I've really been delighted to see the shift in how Dr. Paul has been treated by TV hosts. Leno really allowed the man to speak. He was probing, but he wasn't cherry-picking issues that he felt would make him look bad, say, as Bill Maher did the first time he had Dr. Paul on his HBO show.

Now I have to find a clip of the Sex Pistols' performance. Johnny Rotten had a kind word for Ron Paul before getting into "Anarchy in the UK". JR always seemed a libertarian to me.


...Here's the Sex Pistols:

How about that- JR saying "Hello, Mr. Paul!" and directing "When are we getting out of Iraq?" to Paul during the first solo. I really like a presidential candidate who shakes Johnny Rotten's hand.

On the comments section for this You Tube clip, you will see some interesting banter on the way Leno introduced the Sex Pistols and their song "Anarchy in the UK" as being perfect for Ron Paul.

Paul's no anarchist. He believes in a federal government that adheres strictly and exclusively to its' Constitutional roles.

Here's a link to discussion on a Ron Paul net group that discovered a Time Magazine article that makes Paul out as an anarchist, and his supporters as kooks. Note that his supporters are dismayed about the anarchist tag.

Well, that's the mainstream political media for you. They'll crab about politicians who say nothing in particular when their lips move, but then cut to pieces anyone with a clear, unique position. Thank goodness for the entertainment media. They still understand ratings.


Kevin said...

That Leno appearance was the first time I've seen Ron Paul do a good job. Admittedly, I've just seen the Republican debates, and he comes across as whiney and negative (he is always on defense because of his views, so I'll give him that). Although I agree with some of his views on the Iraq War, if I were his campaign manager I would advise him to not use that issue as one of his major platforms. It's not going to win him the Presidency. He can have that position, but not talk about it during every argument (out of control spending, troop disenchantment, etc)

Regarding his web supporters, some of them are kooks. The far right blogs like Michelle Mankin and GLF make them out to be completely nuts, which I don't agree with, but they take their support for Ron Paul to a degree that just seems over the top. The Fox News text message polls, the spamming, some of the Ron Paul blogs messages, etc are just a little too wacko for my taste.

Lastly, punk music has historically been political in nature and I can respect that. (I was in a punk / industrial band as a kid) But when I see Springsteen, Mellencamp and the like use their concerts as a political platform I just want to puke. I go to a concert to listen to music, not politics, and even if the artist was blabbing on about my libertarian / conservative views - I would still hate it! I want music when I go to a rock concert – nothing more and nothing less. OK, I’ll get off my tangent now. Thanks for listening!

gRegor said...

Kevin, you referred to the Fox News text message polls... I'm presuming you're talking about the allegations that RP supporters "flooded" them with multiple votes? That's been disproven. You can't vote twice in text message polls.

Hannity should know this, or could easily find out in 1 minute by checking with someone, but no; he just goes on the air and says it's meaningless and supporters must be voting more than once. It's pathetic.

Kevin said...

gregor, I actually didn't hear that from anyone. Well, now that I think about it Hannity did allude that the polls were all out of wack while he was talking to Ron Paul. And I guess that's what I was trying to say, not that they were voting multiple times, but the votes weren't reflective of the majority...but it's been several days since I left the comment. I don't think I was trying to allude that Paul supporters were voting multiple times, just that they are CRAZY with support. And when it comes to text message polls (or a campaign in general), that's not a bad thing, but it doesn't reflect a true poll. I have to say that he has done an amazing job of getting money from the young computer geeks out there. I don't agree with everything he says, just like I don't agree with everything the Republicans say, but if he would focus his campaign on lower taxes and less government spending and try to leave the Iraq war as a minor point (which I realize is a huge part of crazy spending and the media is attacking him on this point) he would have a much better chance, and I would be more inclined to support him. Not saying I'm crazy about Mike, but Huckabee has a lot of online supporters as well, Paul is not the only "Republican."

Kevin said...

Here is an interesting Indy take on Ron Paul: