Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is a Joke, Right?

I just got an email alert from my favorite talk station in Indy, WXNT 14030-am, advising that there will be a new host, Phil Hendrie, on the station. Get a load of his "credentials":

Hendrie's views are unique for modern talk radio. He is a registered Democrat who vocally supported Bill Clinton, voted for Al Gore over George W. Bush in 2000, and both Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale over Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. At the same time, he supports troops in Iraq and the War on Terror. Phil voted for and supported George W. Bush in 2004 and feels that Bush will someday be viewed as one of the country's greatest presidents.
So, Hendrie can best be described as... misguided in every way? For Carter, Mondale, and George W. Bush? Ranking Bush up there with, say, Lincoln? Well, WXNT is airing him from 1-4am. Seems like a good place to stash this guy.

Update: WXNT is shaking things up even more than this. I just received an email from the station saying that Neal Boortz and Glenn Beck are going to trade times. From the email:

The other major change to our lineup involves two of our most popular hosts: Glenn Beck and Neal Boortz. Both hosts have very passionate fans. However, based on the results of several listener surveys, Beck & Boortz will "flip" timeslots effective tomorrow. Glenn Beck will now be heard from 10:00am to 1:00pm weekdays with Neal Boortz moving to the 6:00pm evening slot.
Well, that sucks! Boortz was the one syndicated show I listened to, because of Neal's largely libertarian views and because it was a time that I tend to drive. That's when I listen to the radio. I never listen in the early evening, and my understanding is that this slot is sort of the graveyard for the daytime airwaves.

Glenn Beck? The guy does good radio, so long as he isn't talking politics. I don't want to hear him talk policy. He's clueless there. He is very entertaining when talking about having been a drunk, or going on about popular culture, but as a whole, I don't care about an ex-drunk or celebrities.

Looks like the iPod is going to get even more use in the car when I'm in central Indiana. Bummer.


Michael said...

Sounds like someone suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Reminds me of O'Reilly or Dennis Miller. I'm with you, tho. Stash him away in the overnight and let him talk the insomniacs to death. The guys CV reads like a train wreck. Misguided? I'd go with mental.

Harvey Wireman said...

Phil considered 911 to be quite an eye-opener. Before then his show was 99% comedy. Since he came out of retirement this year after being off the air for 1 year, he is mainly just a late night talker with a little comedy now and again. Here is a sample of one of his funnier bits on youtube:


the buildup is usually slow, but the pay-off is usually worth it.

Joe said...


Just get a stream capture program and record it to your iPod.

While I'm a Mac user who swears by Audio Hijack Pro, this link may help you find a PC option.

It's the only way to listen to the radio.

Andrew said...

I like Hendrie - always have... he's a good host, even if you don't always like his stances.

The Boortz move is too bad. He's great live. Beck is pretty generic...

gRegor said...

There's always the Free Talk Live podcast, which I think is pretty good (and you likely already know about it, heh).

Mike Kole said...

Gregor- Of course, Free Talk Live is also one I like to listen to, and WXNT carries it on Saturday evenings. It's another graveyard shift, unfortunately, but better than not being on at all. I do download FTL podcasts as part of my road trip listening.