Monday, January 14, 2008

In Shape? Yeah, Right!

It doesn't matter how much stretching, weight training, or other exercise one might do- it still doesn't prepare you for competitive skating and hockey.

So, after a three-year break, I played my first game at the Fishers Forum Sunday night. My legs are really sore and tight, although Ame reports that my skating is better than ever. There's no real good reason for that, but I'm glad of it.

The hallmark of "old fart league" hockey- players gliding while sucking wind, wearing jumbled uniforms. Time to replace the red & black gloves and socks.

As for the game, we lost 7-2. My stats are pretty lame: no goals, no assists, and a -3 rating. The whole game was mainly played in our defensive zone. Maybe we just faced the aces of the league. Hope so!

One nice feature of the league is that the players can wear any jersey they wish, so long as the "home" team wears white, and the "road" team wears dark jerseys. We may not look good in terms of our play, but a lot of us have spiffy gear to wear. I wore an AHL Worcester Sharks home jersey for this game. I have many more choice for our "road" games.

Anyhow, the fashion isn't my big focus. Getting in shape is, so I'll be doing even more stretching and working out during the week in an effort to get into game conditioning. Then the points will come!


Doug said...

That sounds fun. My skating sucks, and I've never played hockey, but it still sounds fun.

Mike Kole said...

Hockey is a lot of fun! Beats basketball or soccer, with all that running that just pounds my knees. If I need to, I can glide into position!

Skating ability is pretty important, but if you find the right league where the skills are matched up, it doesn't matter if you don't remind anyone of Paul Coffey or Mike Gartner on skates.

Funny how we change when we age. 10 years ago, I would have been furious with myself at no points and -3. I would have steamed and stewed all week. Now? I stretch a lot to work the knots out!

Menner! said...

Welcome back to the jungle, Economic Freedom Boy! Can't wait to hear your war stories at the end of the season. (Now if only we could get Wainstead to turn off the TV and get off the goddamned couch... ;-)

bobett said...

As we were finishing the high school crossover games Sunday,
I thought we saw some Senior players ready, waiting and willing for some ice-time.

Go get em' see the ice, smell the sweat, hear skates gliding, feel nervous, taste victory, think to win!

Awesome...have lots of fun !