Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Excited For Good News

I am looking forward to a phone call tomorrow that could have me very busy again with work in Illinois, as I was at this time last year.

It would be a blessing. As the work pace has gradually been slowing, I find myself getting embroiled more in things political, and it's all bad news. It takes time that seems productive but isn't. It raises the blood pressure. On the other hand, last year I barely blogged, and I rarely visited political sites, news sites, or other blogs. It was really good. Ignorance can be bliss.

I'd spent years of my life promoting liberty, and just don't feel it matters. Spent the time developing radio programs that weren't noticed until they stopped airing. Spent time running for office where the public didn't care about the office being sought. Stood up in defense of people who wouldn't show up for me in my time of need. Try to engage people in a variety of forums, and mainly take slings and arrows? For what? Some imaginary notion that it might make a difference, if I only believe fervently that the seed becomes a tree, maybe a big one years after I die? Call me shallow, but I need some gratification. Now. It isn't pity I'm after. No, I want to see results. If politics can't deliver because there isn't, gulp, a market for liberty, then give me business.

I spent last year trying fully to make money, and I did, and it was damn satisfying. Really made me feel like the volunteer boosterism for liberty was the act of wasting a lot of time. Work hard in business- get the results in Net 30 Days. I really like that. Producing for people who are delighted with my work? That gets me up at 5:30 and to bed at Midnight, grinding furiously in between. Happily. Excitedly.

So, it will be good to immerse in a heavy workload again. Soon. I cannot wait to take the call.


varangianguard said...

I don't know, maybe Libertarians (as a party) need to step back and re-think their strategy.

Maybe a concerted effort at winning the most basic, local-level offices (like school boards, for instance) ought to be the only focus of your party as a re-start point.

It isn't politically "sexy", the positions are rarely high paying, but just winning and showing people that you can practice what you preach would have to worth something. And, Libertarians could perhaps finally begin to build from the grass roots upwards.

Running for high profile offices, or offices that hold immediate influence and prestige is nice, of course. But, that is what makes the established parties fight so hard for them (see Clinton, Hillary). And, it's an expensive proposition to run state and national camapigns.

I dunno, just thinking out loud. Good luck with the contracting gig.

Mike Kole said...

I agree with you 100% on where Libertarians should be running- local office. Really, it's the only place a minor party candidate can fully compete, and indeed, it is at this level that we are winning elections. As I like to say, nobody starts at CEO. Start at the mail room like anybody else, show you can run a good mail room, and then the people will trust you with middle management, etc.

As for me, I ran for Secretary of State so as to keep the Libertarian Party on the ballot for four more years. Frankly, though- even most state offices aren't sexy. SOS certainly isn't.

varangianguard said...

Oh come on. If state offices, and their associated appointment plums weren't so sexy, who'd run?

Each Indiana governor has a string of hangers-on who fight like sharks in a feeding frenzy to get managerial appointments that they couldn't qualify for on their best day ever otherwise.

I'm sure that the other higher profile elected positions get a few plum appointments to pass around as well.

As for the rest, too bad the part at the national level doesn't appear to agree with you.

Mike Kole said...

Oops- I should have been more clear.

Superintendent of Public Instruction- not sexy
Secretary of State- not sexy
Treasurer- not sexy
Atty General- sexy to the lawyers, but not the public
Governor- ok, that's sexy

I agree with the sentiment about the cushy job chasers. That's inherent in the gig.

I think most people who run for state offices as Rs or Ds look to use the office as a springboard for something else- SOS has been a springboard for governors. Any of them can be springboards to lobbying positions, partner in a law firm, or corporate director.

varangianguard said...

Re: Springboarding.

It that a sad commentary on politics, or what?