Sunday, May 25, 2008

Round 5 Results

Now we come into the home stretch: It's Barr vs Ruwart.

Bob Barr 223 (+21)
Mary Ruwart 229 (+27)
Wayne Root 165 (+16)

Indiana's delegation went thusly:

Barr 6
Ruwart 6
Root 9

Root is eliminated, and with the ability to throw so many votes one way or the other, he took the opportunity, asking to be part of a Barr-Root ticket. 

The comments were a bit odd. He said he would like to learn at the side of Bob Barr for four years as his Vice President, and then it's all his in 2012. Hmm... If Barr is elected President, wouldn't he want to run for re-election? The comment struck me as a bit cocky. It will be interesting to see if the Root endorsement pushes Barr to the nomination, or pushes the votes to Ruwart.

In the first round, 38 votes for Root came from California. If either camp has the smarts, they RAN to California's delegation to make the case... if they weren't standing there before the tally was finalized. Indiana primarily went for Root, so the persuading should be happening there, too. 

Last vote coming up. It will result in a Libertarian nominee for President!

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Doug said...

Root struck me as being kind of an idiot. All I know about him is his "vote for Bob Barr" speech. Punctuating it with "BAM!" or something like that; like he was channeling Emeril. Then his subsequent comments about targeting "disaffected online poker enthusiasts" seemed like a somewhat limited demographic.