Monday, June 16, 2008

Back-Up Beeps

(Mt. Sterling, OH)- I recently reacted to anti-hockey comments made Tiger Woods in a post, and since then, there have been some interesting developments. First, a sort-of retraction by Woods, by way of the Detroit Free Press:
"Oh yeah, I've gotten a lot of grief over that," Woods said Tuesday at Torrey Pines. "I love the sport. I love watching it, but I don't like watching it on TV. In person, it's absolutely incredible, what they're able to do and what they can do. TV doesn't do justice to that. But then neither does -- a lot of sports are the same way".
I'm glad he got a lot of grief. He earned it.  Golf is nearly as exciting as watching paint dry- in person, or on TV, and this retraction scarcely apologizes. In the meantime, I gave Gatorade some grief by sending them an email, expressing my displeasure. Here's their response:

We are sorry that you were offended by a remark the Tiger Wood (sic) made during his news conference at Oakland Hills Country Club.

Please be assured that we're sharing your comments with our sports marketing team. Our sponsorship of the NHL and our partnership with Sidney Crosby as a Gatorade athlete is clear indication of our respect for the sport of ice hockey, the National Hockey League, and the athletes.

Thank you for sharing our thoughts with us, Mike. We hope you will continue to hydrate at your hockey games by drinking Gatorade.

Gatorade Consumer Response
I imagine Michael was a busy guy, washing his hands of Woods. Well, this is all nice, and I appreciate the responsiveness by Gatorade, but Tiger Woods must pay. I'd be satisfied with a short scrap with Link Gaetz.

Game on!


varangianguard said...

Long term usage of this hockey "theme" song would have ended hockey as a professional sport 35 years ago.

Blackhawks Theme

Andrew Lee said...

I'm sorry. Golf is infinitely more entertaining than hockey. You're from Cleveland, I don't expect you to know better.


varangianguard said...

So says the fan whose "sport" is announced in hushed tones, as if they were in a library.

Where is the fĂștbol fan to make an "entertaining" claim for his sport?

Mike Kole said...

V-guard: as for the Hawks old them, quoth Lou Reed: "Those were different times".

Andrew: I used to find golf entertaining, until I realized I didn't have to go to the links to enjoy a beer. You're from Florida, I don't expect you to know better.

bwaahaha, &c.

Andrew Lee said...

Risk of losing teeth in a golf match: minimal to non-existent.

Risk of losing teeth at a hockey game: 1 in 7.

Percentage of Canadians in a typical golf tournament: 3%

Percentage of Canadians in a typical hockey game: 98%

'Nuff said!

Mike Kole said...

Risk of falling asleep watching golf: 1 in 3

Risk of falling asleep watching hockey: 1 in 1,000

Percentage of manly men playing hockey: 100%

Percentage of manly men playing golf: 6%

In actuality, the percentage of Canadians in the NHL these days is around 50%. Since the fall of the Soviet Bloc, a huge amount of European talent has come to the NHL. Before 1990, it was about 85% Canadian.