Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barr Has Proven His Libertarian Chops
I hope at some point the left-libertarians become comfortable with Bob Barr such that he can stop going out of his way to show his “Libertarian Chops” like this and get to hammering on the biggest issues of the day more exclusively: Iraq/foreign policy; the dollar/taxes/spending/borrowing; energy policy.

There is a great opportunity for Barr to reach the American people very broadly, and it is important that he not self-marginalize by reaching so strenuously within the Libertarian Party. The nomination is won, and the time for this kind of campaigning is over. It ended in Denver, a few weeks ago.
So, as Bill Clinton got "It's the Economy, Stupid" down pat, let's see Barr get these down:
1. Iraq/foreign policy
2. The dollar/taxes/spending/borrowing
3. Energy policy
Barr's positions on the three most important issues of the day are winners. There's no point in him bogging down with correctness on issues of lesser weight.

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