Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tomorrow's Travels

We have some interesting travels ahead of us over the next few days:

Boulder, CO- My cousin Tom and his wife Juli live there these days, and as luck would have it, my Aunt & Uncle will already be there, along with my cousin Jennifer and her family.

Wyoming- Hard to say where all we will visit, but we're definitely driving through, and it looks like Thermopolis (think, 'city of hot springs') and Cody (Buffalo Bill) are on the short list.

Big Sky, MT- Site of Ame's conference. Let's hear it once again for the medical profession, for they know where to place their conferences. This stands in stark constrast to engineering, which lands us in Madison WI in January, and Pittsburgh any time. This is right near Yellowstone Park, and is said to be stunningly gorgeous. I'm up for that!

Yellowstone Park- Animals, forest, and Old Faithful. Isabel will love it.

On the Maybe List- Grand Teton Park, Idaho, Jackson WY. Hard to say. These are a bit out of the way, and we aren't doing the hi-miler hellride.

There will be postcards for Greg. My buddy and I send 'em to each other when we visit a state we'd never been to before. He sent me one reading "49" last year when he hit Arkansas. He'll get one marked "39" for Wyoming, "40" for Montana, and "41" for Idaho, if we get there.

Left on the list: Vermont, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii. The four grouped in the South are bound to be last. I have almost no desire to go to any of those states.

How's your list shaping up?


Doug said...

You lucky bastard. As I recall, Grand Teton is pretty close to the south side of Yellowstone.

If you're up for a 15 mile round trip hike, Lake Solitude is beautiful. Definitely in my top five hikes ever.

Mike Kole said...

Cursed with blessings. There is so much to do, one cannot do it all in a week. Teton is 'right there', by Western driving standards.

We've done wilderness camping and hiking with Isabel (she's 3), but this time it won't be feasible, at least not on the 15-mile scale. Time constraints with the conference, I'm afraid.

My ultimate family vacation is a two-month Western family RV jaunt. Mental target date is when Isabel is 11.

You've gotten around, Doug. How many states have you been in? (Not talking flyovers or simple pass-throughs on the interstate).

Doug said...

In terms of having done something of interest in the state: Alabama, California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

So, about half of them I guess. Though, I've driven *through* Kansas so many times, I feel a certain connection to the state. A lot of other drive-throughs as well.

The only states I haven't been in for one reason or another are Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

In any case, I'd say that if you're pressed for time, Grand Teton probably isn't especially three year old friendly. It's a great place, but a bit more raw than Yellowstone. (If there is an excuse for doing it, by the way, I'd recommend exiting Yellowstone through the northeast gate - the Beartooth Pass is beautiful.