Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicago Again

We go where the work is, and for the next couple days, the work is in Chicago. I'll be in the western part of the city, right next to Oak Park, and then up north to Woodstock, in McHenry County. I'm really looking forward to another great lunch at the restaurant in the old jail at Woodstock. The last one was fantastic, with a pot of roasted root vegetables that was amazing.

Speaking of vegetables, here are some pics of the garden.

From left: sunflowers, seet basil, cilantro, simpson leaf lettuce, and two rosemary plants hidden in there.

We kept the bunnies out this year. This pic goes back 3 weeks. Amazing how fast it takes off!

Three weeks of rapid growth. I may tire of salad soon.

Picked three perfect cucumbers today. There will be about 50 more in three days.

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varangianguard said...

That is a very nice garden. But, I had this vision of you living way out in the country, in an old farmhouse, wearing overalls when you were out in the yard.

Another misconception laid bare. ;)