Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Thoughts

(Sioux Falls, SD)- OK, here's something I hadn't shared, that sits deep at the core of my discontent: Ame & I are having baby, due in early November.

Preparing for this baby is obviously my Number One Priority. But, we still have lives, and still do things that make us, hopefully, rounded human beings. Talking politics had been one of those things.

As the due date nears, I continually experience a cognitive dissonance. And some guilt. As I posted day after day, I kept showing how this country is going downhill. Day after day, post after post, I could only find bad news. Truly, I don't go looking for it. I made a point to post good news where I could find it. Trouble was, good news just wasn't forthcoming. 

So, what on earth am I doing bringing another child into this world? Have I no sense of decency? How could I?

So, maybe not looking at it would help. Or, at least not talking about it, or blogging it. 

When we get right down to it, politics affects us very little in many meaningful ways. I've moved freely between Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota in the past three days. Nobody said, "Your papers, sir". I listened to music, read books, pumped gas at $3.25 (yep, it's cheap in Iowa and SD).

Sure, the economics is where I am most affected, and it's why I rail on about it most. But even there, I take home a better percentage in 2008 than I did in 2002 or 1995. Well leaving Ohio helped a lot on that count. This bailout situation is at least making people look at economics for once. Too bad it takes a disaster, but better than not at all. We'll note that my having talked about economics for five years really hadn't helped make anyone aware of any looming problems.

So-we don't know whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. I like to tease Ame, saying that the day of birth isn't exciting enough- we need a surprise to liven the occasion. On that day, I will forget everything political, and all will be right with the world. I've just had a hard struggle as we've approached that day, because I just want to do right.


Michael said...

Congratulations, Mike! Glad to see that you and Ami are adding yet another Liberty Kid to the equation! If we can't convince them that it's the best route then perhaps we can just outnumber 'em on our own!

On the blogging side, these are the entries that I really enjoy. Seeing what Mike's road trips are like. You're so right about there being so little positive news to blog about. It gets harder every day to find a gem in the refuse pile. It's hard to get away from being the Robinson's Robot and telling folks about the danger out there. Better to hear about the great things, like your coming addition and these great road trips. A bit of politics, now and then is OK, but a steady diet tends to wear everyone down. I'm just glad you didn't give up completely. Like many others, I look forward to seeing your posts. Keep 'em coming!

Mike Kole said...

Thanks, Michael. No telling that my kids will turn out to be 'liberty kids'. I mean, my parents are one Republican and one Democrat, after all.

Hey- I got you a root beer while in Wisconsin! It's made by the Point Brewery.

Chris Ward said...


Congratulations on the future wee one :)...Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Chris Ward

PS-The Point Root Beer is delicious!

Mike Kole said...

Oh! We enjoyed a Sioux City Root Beer whilst in Sioux City! Seemed like something that had to be done.