Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bob Barr To Visit NW Indiana

Of all times for me to be working in the home office and not up north! Bob Barr will stop in Valparaiso tomorrow. From the Libertarian Party of Indiana:
"We're very excited," noted Law Libertarians of Valparaiso University president Jonathan Morris. "We've been working hard to bring Bob Barr to this area since his nomination in May. More people need to be exposed to his common sense approach to government. We're pleased that our efforts are assisting with getting that message out."

Barr's on-campus remarks to students, faculty and the public will be followed by a Meet and Greet with the candidate at Pesto's Italian Restaurant in Valparaiso.

WHAT: Barr Address at Valparaiso University
SPONSOR: Law School Libertarians at Valparaiso University
TIME: 6:30 p.m. (CT)

Go see Barr if you have the chance. He will sound vastly different than McBama. Presidential, even.


Anonymous said...

Bob Bar Presidential? I hope not ... it was Barr who in 1996 wrote the Defense of Marriage Act. A former federal prosecutor, a firm social conservative, and a strong supporter of the War on Drugs, if Barr's a libertarian then I must be a Commie! But then there's this little gem:

"And we wonder why we have kids that are drifting around aimlessly when the United States Army allows not faith in God, but witches to worship on military bases by active duty military personnel; and the best that we can tell our young people and our service people is that we have to struggle through this."
Bob Barr, 1998

I was one of those who voted for you in 2006, and have voted for LP in every election since Ed Clark in 1980. I did my share of petetioning and even had a hand in the very early organiation of the party in Indiana, along with folks like Paul Hyatt, Fred Rising-Moore and Wiley Green. But the nomination of Barr, the party has obviously changed dramatically - I could no more pull the handle for this theocrat in sheeps clothing than I could for war mongering McCain.

The LP is now just "Republican Lite"...

Be well,
Dave Haxton

Mike Kole said...

I appreciate your vote in 2006. Thanks!

Barr isn't a perfect LP candidate. He has said and done many things in the past that I don't agree with at all. In fact, I was greatly pleased when he was defeated with the help of a Libertarian challenger. But, two things:

1. If the LP has to be about purity, we may as well fold it. I wasn't pure enough for a lot of the LPIN base in 2006. I'll take anybody who is 90% pro-liberty. That's about 80% better than most candidates out there.

2. Barr has reversed himself on many old positions. That's growth, and I'll take it. Again, the LP may was well fold up if we aren't going to accept people at their word when they abandon old anti-liberty positions, and adopt new pro-liberty ones. After all, most people come from other places before they arrive at liberty. I certainly did.

Most importantly about Barr's campaign is that he is unabashedly promoting the LP brand, he is talking about mostly pro-liberty policy (I'm not hip to his immigration stance), and that's all very positive.

Michael Badnarik was a very pure Libertarian candidate. He was also invisible. On the whole, I'm happier with Barr. I don't know what it is about our purist candidates, but while they have their ideology down, they aren't much for making an impact. The point of a political party is to win elections and advance policy. Barr isn't going to win any more than Badnarik was, but I believe Barr is reaching people and giving them reason to investigate libertarian policy. So, Barr's doing the job to the extent we've ever seen a LP Presidential candidate do so.

Thanks for the perspective and well wishes!