Friday, January 16, 2009

Never Wonder How We Got Soft

It starts with school, or, in this case, lack of school. It's -10 degrees out there, and I say, "BIG DEAL". Get in the classroom and learn. 306 school closings in Central Indiana? There isn't even any snowfall!

They don't even walk to school anyhow. They ride a bus, or parents drive them in. The kids face the onerous task of going from house to vehicle, then vehicle to school. Wow, that's rough.

The lesson we teach with these school closings is this: It's cold? Give up. Don't bother. Education certainly isn't worth overcoming predictable circumstances. Just give up.

Think the kids in Winnipeg stop going to school as soon as the temps fall below zero? No. they attend. They cope. They overcome.

That would be a good lesson for our kids.


varangianguard said...

That's great, until a parent who isn't quite as caring as you allows their child out with inadequate clothing.

Then, it's the school's fault when the child gets frostbite and the lawsuit(s) fly. Who pays for that?

Chalk up one for the taxpayer's advocate.

Mike Kole said...

Superb! Rather than hold the parent responsible for the children they bring into the world and the care they provide (or don't), we'll in our litigious wisdom transfer that responsibility to the school district, which is to say to all of us, thereby giving rise to ever less responsible parents, and ever softer children.

This is good, in your view? Really? Shouldn't we reverse this trend?

varangianguard said...

You should know better than suggest that I like any of that.

But, it is the way it is allowed to be.

Don't endanger the kids of irresponsible parents just because you don't think they're tough enough.

And btw, are your kids going out to play in the yard today? Good for them. Toughen them up, eh? ;)

varangianguard said...

I've been outside three times today. How about you, tough guy? lol

Mike Kole said...

Ha! I had an on-site meeting in Montgomery IL yesterday, where the temperature was -23, without the wind! Did just fine.

btw- I'm going camping tomorrow morning, down in Brown County. Overnight. In a tent. Regardless of the weather. 10 mile hike, one with nature and all, y'know? :-)

My little girl was completely disappointed that school was closed. She loves it, and couldn't understand what was so bad that it could be closed. I told her it was very cold, and she asked if the heater was broken. (Love the little ones!) I told her that it was working just fine, but they closed it because it was too cold. She didn't understand. Again, we go house to car, car to building.

It's a pretty day, so yes, we will go out, probably for a solid five minutes- because she will be too cold! We'll spend as much time (or more) bundling up! :-D

But yeah, call it toughening them up if you like. I call it teaching the ability to overcome circumstances. I try to raise undaunted children. Prepared, and undaunted.

varangianguard said...


Michael said...

On the upside, it's one less day the government has the kids in their control.

Mike Kole said...

I wish Isabel's private pre-school wasn't following suit with HSE. Alas. But, point well taken, Michael.