Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bush's Third Term

I hope the folks who sported the "No Third Term" bumper stickers in the Fall of last year as tasting the buyer's remorse. President Obama is changing so little besides the names we call certain policies. It's so apparent, that even the commentators on the Left can help but notice it.

Three cheers for Rachel Maddow! I deeply respect her integrity for this report. It would have been easy enough for her to report on Obama's anti-Bush remarks while sweeping the subtance that makes Obama's policies exactly the same as Bush's under the rug. Change, my eye!

So, what about the Right? From Gene Healy at Cato at Liberty:
Since Rich Lowry, Karl Rove, and Charles Krauthammer have all admitted that Obama’s anti-terror policies are substantially the same as Bush’s, I assume they’ll refrain from arguing that Obama’s making the country less safe, and they’ll hold the recriminations if and when there’s another terrorist attack. Right?

I wouldn't hold my breath.


Brigid said...

It cheers me that more people are willing to speak up and out about the obvious. Thank you for posting this.

Brigid at Home on the Range (IN gun blogger)

George said...

For those of us in the Great White North ... and sometimes I think there aren't many ... who do not hold with the Lightbringer, Maddow's report is music. As long as the drive by media conceals this type of comment, America's values are under attack. When this commentary receives wider and wider attention, Obama's duplicity and deception are revealed.