Friday, January 08, 2010

Global Warming, Indeed

This weather we're having must be the effects of global warming. From CNN:
Floridians braced for a second surge of Arctic air that promised to dip well into the southern parts of the state. Key West already set a record low temperature on Thursday, bottoming out at 47 degrees -- shattering the previous low set back in 1897. Temperatures on Sunday and Monday are expected to be in the low-to-mid-40s.

Here I was expecting Florida to submerge under the rising oceans. Maybe that investment in real estate in rural Georgia was a hasty move.


Wainstead said...

Of course you're playing with words here, because you know by now that "climate change" is "in" and "global warming" is "out" for the very reason that people automatically assume cold weather disproves global warming.

As a programmer I learned a long time ago the incredible importance of *choosing a good name.*

At any rate, the bitter cold that's swept the country is quite welcome to this Clevelander. Let's go camping!

Mike Kole said...

Anything I can do to cause cognitive dissonance, or otherwise stir the puddin', is being a good citizen, far as I can tell.

'Climate change' is probably the best possible name for that agenda, because of course it's gonna change. Duh. So, how perfect in its' use as a tool for obfuscation.

Winter camping. Well, around this time last year, I discovered the limitations of my winter gear. I froze my ass off overnight! I still need a better therm-a-rest, and a better sleeping bag.

Citizen Kane said...

Of course, they changed the name to climate change when they realized that they couldn't claim that warming was occurring. No climatologist can take the intricacies of weather data and put it into a model and predict with any certainty how weather is going to change within the future. They absolutely can predict that weather will change. It always does and it always will. I can predict that without a mathematical model.