Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What The Talk Will Be Tomorrow

Did the President give a speech tonight? Forget about that. Glenn Beck will be all over what Chris Matthews said on MSNBC. It's so egregious that Media Matters posted it up:

I was just remarking the other day what a complete douchebag Chris Matthews is. So it goes.

If Glenn Beck said this, there would be calls for his head and his job. Let's see if there are similar calls for Matthews.

It's just as well. The State of the Union address was what is becoming typical Obama: Great speechifying, little real substance, contradictions and impossibilities within the text, and the masterful deception of making one's own messes appear to have been someone else's doing and cause for alarm/action. Seemed like a campaign speech rather than a report.


Wainstead said...

Yeah, I had MSNBC on when this aired last night, and I winced when he said it.

Bet you five bucks he issues an apology today. It's a pattern with him.

Tom said...

I dunno ... hearing the comment in context - where he claimed Obama was "post-racial" - really rendered the comment to be largely innocuous (if a bit ill-advised); I would say the same thing about a stray O'Reilly or Beck comment, again with the proper context. But then, I despise Ayn Rand. ;-)

Mike Kole said...

I don't think the full context does anything to diminish. 'For an hour, I forgot he was black'? You're kidding, right?

Oh and look! More hate from the left! What's the with Rand hate? Talk about context! :-D