Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm A Victim of Credit Card Fraud!

Now I'm sure it's just coincidence in following up my previous post with this, but yesterday, I found a curious entry on my Visa statement.
2/14 Taco Bell $31.24

That jumped out at me because a) it was Valentine's Day, and I sure wasn't taking my bride there if I wanted not to sleep on the couch; b) I can't remember the last time I ate at Taco Bell; and c) even if I did, I can't imagine eating 30 tacos.

So, I called Chase and had the charge investigated. I found out the charge was made in Dallas. I've never even been to Dallas! They said a card had been swiped there.

This was all mystifying to me. I'm pretty responsible with financial documents and credit cards. I use a cross-cut shredder. The remnants of credit cards do go into the trash can, while the old shredded statements are used for kindling in the fireplace. It's good kindling, too!

I had an old friend tell me he had a scam run on him where someone made an entry, he didn't catch it, and they attached his account to a PayPal account, drained his charge account, and closed the PayPal account. Well, that's pretty scary!

Fortunately, Chase closed my card account after reviewing my other charges. The Taco Bell one was the only one I didn't recognize. I'll be refunded the money on that charge, and will get a new account.

I'd love to know what I can do to be more careful.

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Michael said...

Same thing happened to me with my Chase card a few years ago. Someone tried to buy a laptop with it in another state. Chase was right on it and canceled the card. Too bad they didn't bother to notify me, tho. It took a while to get a new card and they were going to leave me hanging. Fortunately, after having my debit card declined at a couple of places I called to see what was up. Then I found out what had happened. Glad you caught yours!