Monday, March 01, 2010

Money Has Nothing To Do With Results

I find the proposition that money = results with regards to public schools positively infuriating. Allison Maguire is running for Pike Township School Board, and she posts some interesting numbers that underscore this.
We spent $12,572 per student during school year 07-08, we pay teachers $52,000 on average, yet we are consistantly below state averages on the ISTEP Math and Language Arts scores and National SAT scores.

When you look at the graphs provided on the State's website, you see the Pike Township scores below the national average for every category, for every year, and falling.

With most things run by government, solutions become axiomatic towards more money. If scores are failing? Must be underfunded! If scores are rising? That's a good program that deserves to be rewarded!

We're a very stupid people.


Timothy Maguire said...

Allison Maguire and Paul Ogden will make great board members. Be sure to vote for them this May if you live in Pike Township. said...

Results: Teacher's unions entrenched.