Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extremists Or Citizens?

There will be a lot of Tea Party protests across the country today. It used to be that the Libertarian Party was out there at Post Offices every April 15, in groups of 15 or 20 protesters, to make their message heard and seen by those dropping off tax returns at the deadline. No more. It's going to be big stuff today across the country.

I'll be interested to see the narrative on the news, and the pictures that are shown. To hear it told, the Tea Partiers are at least in part, of entirely: racist, violent, incapable of correct spelling or grammar, mean-spirited.

I found an incredible post today, that compiles a litany of violent threats against the President. They are images from anti-war rallies, and threats against President Bush.

I haven't seen a single placard in a Tea Party directly calling for the murder of the President, but you could see plenty in the anti-war rallies. I guess that was ok. The media was fine with burying these images, but can't wait to paint tax protesters as all the things it could have, and should have, painted the anti-war protesters. Want to know why people complain about liberal media bias? Feast your eyes.

In a tangential thought, where are the anti-war rallies now? Is it that Obama is extending the Bush wars in Iraq & Afghanistan that makes them ok? My team, right or wrong?


Bob G. said...

Maybe we've slipped into the United States of Double-Standards?
(just a wild guess here)
Or was that the United States of Entertainment?

Personally, I think the TEA party folks are being "set up" as being portrayed as something they are not (by the left).
On the other hand, those that openly practiced treason (the left again) got a free pass by both the media and the government in decades gone by (well, except for Kent State).

That's just my story and I'm sticking to it (along with my God, my freedom and my guns).

Mike Kole said...

It sometimes amazes me that I came from the left. I was a Democrat for years, and then discovered the Libertarian Party. That was that.

But so many of the things that I was a Democrat for are the very things they've abandoned. Sure, there's some lip service, but it smacks as raw political opportunism. Not saying the Republicans don't do the same things. They do. It just wounds me personally a lot more to see it come from Dems, because my judgment earlier in life was that was the respectable place to be.

Anonymous said...

It's also funny that those protesters were called unamerican and traitors by the right, but these protesters are patriots and "real americans"....Both takes are BS...there is plenty of undesireables on both sides.

Anonymous said...

fyi...that anon comment was rick ehlin...i forgot my google password...doh.

Mike Kole said...

Hey Rick- Got that right. No one side is free of douchebags. And, both sides do play that 'with me or you're wrong' bit.

I thought the media treatment was pretty fair yesterday.

Rick said...

there isn't ratings in showing rational people...the good soundbites and pictures are always the nutjobs....ratings above honesty, everytime.