Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dialing Down A Bit

The frequency of the posts is down again, not because I'm burned out or have less to say. A couple of things:

After seven months without any new work, I finally have a job interview next week. I'm very excited, to say the least. It's a one-off project, but with enough to do that if I get the position, I'll be busy through about the end of the year. My focus has been on prep for this interview. It will restore my finances to where I can live in the manner I am accustomed to.

I'm pleased with my budgeting skills. I did not apply for unemployment, though I certainly could have added to the statistic. (President Obama, you owe me.) Despite having made half in 2009 of what I made in 2008, which was half again of what I made in 2007, I made my money last during that time, and did not suffer. A little anxiety, sure, but we still ate and generally carried forth. Well, no vacations, but then, I never felt owed a vacation. In fact, I'm itching to work. Itching.

Plus, I'm a candidate again. While the campaign is not as intense as my 2006 run for Indiana Secretary of State, I feel that my public comments need to be more germaine to the office I seek. That narrows things down quite a bit. I'm running for Hamilton County Council, in District 2. The County Council manages the county's finances, levying taxes and funding operations, so I feel I should be talking about such things, first and foremost. Foreign policy, monetary policy? These are important, but have not much to do with the County Council.

So, look for me to launch a campaign blog shortly. After I do so, I'll begin again posting things here that are of the usual random nature.

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