Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Complete Herbert

One of my favorite 'new' hobbies is Where's George? You've seen dollar bills stamped with the website and messages like 'track this bill'. Yeah, I do that. I've always been fascinated with currency and coins, thanks to the influence of my Dad, who has been a lifelong coin collector. It isn't just inflation and the Federal Reserve policy that holds my interest regarding Federal Reserve notes.

Here's my Where's George profile, for your amusement. The dynamic map is pretty great. Put your cursor over any state and you will see how many of my bills have been tracked there. Click on the state and you will see in which counties.

The diaspora are interesting. I can recall trips by some hit clusters (Niagara Falls, NYC), and you can see how I've beaten a path between Indianapolis & Cleveland by way of Columbus. Almost a perfect line on I-70 from Indy to Columbus, then up I-71 to Cleveland.

Some 'Georgers' are complete Herberts. They go to the bank every day and get straps of $1 bills, mark them, and conduct all of their transactions in ones. The last thing I need are my friendly bank tellers thinking I spend all my time at strip joints.


Doug said...

I did one bill and had forgotten about it. Your post reminded me to log in and check, but, alas, the one bill I did has not surfaced yet.

Mike Kole said...

You'll get an email notice if your bill is re-entered.

Mike Kole said...

Ha! Got a bill re-entered this morning in Hawaii! At least my money gets there, even if I don't. :-)