Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Time To Leave Town

I have this weird feeling of deja vu. Yet again, the country will endure two weeks of Super Bowl hype, and yet again I don't care. The Steelers & Packers? Yawn. I can't stand the Steelers and their horrible fans, but I don't care to root against teams. It isn't nearly as satisfying as rooting for a team and watching them win.

No matter, I'll be in the Costa Rican rainforest, and chances are good that I wouldn't be able to see the Super Bowl even if I wanted to. But the teams in the Super Bowl remind me why the NHL playoffs are so superior: There is no doubt after a 7-game series that the better team advanced. Counter and say that football is too physical for multi-game series. Ok, I counter by saying, ever watch hockey?

Jay Cutler? Meet Eric Belanger or Duncan Keith- a guy who plays in Chicago after all.

Three of the best teams in the NFL are sitting at home- New England, New Orleans, and Atlanta. If the Patriots played the Jets 10 times, in my estimation, they would win 8 of those. And, New Orleans-Seattle? Fluke of the last half-century. So, I was bored with the conference championship games, as the Steelers seemed to be the only ones really worthy of being there, and I hate the Steelers.

So, the trip to Costa Rica is well timed, so as to avoid the monotony of the hype and the game. We'll improve our Espanol, take in the wildlife, and generally have a great time.

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