Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree, Eh?

I always have to laugh when someone tells me that since I have kids, I'll have some more libertarians. That amusement ignores so many pertinent things, such as my wife's liberal influence, and the notion that I am the libertarian product of a Republican father and a Democratic (though less so all the the time) mother. I find that you can instill and instill, and at the end of the day, your kids are who they are. Ask my folks.

I was starkly reminded of such things this morning, as I was prepping for lunch. I have all the ingredients for really nice burgers- ground sirloin, fresh tomatoes and romaine lettuce, cheese slices, the works. So I asked the kids what they wanted on their burgers. I got sour faces.

Me: "What's the matter, Isabel?"
Isabel: "I don't want a burger."
Me: "Aren't you hungry."
Isabel: "Yeah. I don't like your burgers. I like McDonald's".

Ouch! Right in the crotch! It will hurt much less when they don't vote Libertarian.

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Anonymous said...

hilarious and true. no matter what you try with the kids, they always seem to have their own opinions...which is great. I think I'm entitled to more of a sphere of influence with them than I guess I am.

(found your blog through some links on to listen to your show so many years ago!)