Friday, October 28, 2011

Pal-Item Endorses Hisrich

I used to be far more connected to Libertarian candidates around the state. Running for statewide office and actually campaigning statewide will do that for you. In 2006, when I ran for Secretary of State, Libertarians were improving in many aspects of their campaigns, but endorsements from media outlets were very few.

This has been changing of late. I found that the Richmond newspaper endorsed Libertarian Matt Hisrich for his bid to win a City Council seat in District 1- in favor of a long, long-term incumbent.
Matt Hisrich, Libertarian candidate for the District 1 Richmond Common Council seat, served on this newspaper's editorial board for a time. He left behind a lot of good impressions as a thoughtful, intelligent, caring individual who knew how to ask the right questions, challenge conventional wisdom and, in so doing, advance the best interests of his community.

When he ran last year for office in Wayne County government, we regretted that his single-issue zeal against the economic development income tax rendered him less than effective on a host of other issues facing county government.

But, oh, what a difference a year, and a failed campaign, can make. Hisrich is back, articulating a host of positions, including jobs, which should render him attractive to residents of District 1 and the entire city.

That is a tall order in a district where Jack Elstro, the Democrat, has served with compassion and dedication pre-dating the 1968 Richmond explosion. This then is a bouquet, a thank you, to Jack Elstro for that record of service as much as an endorsement of the challenger whom we think possesses the talent, know-how and commitment to help move this city forward.
One thing I found interesting is the preference for a wider platform rather than a narrower one. For many years, Libertarians have been trying to simplify message, often getting bogged down in too broad a platform, including items that would be outside the scope of office. Certainly, I was annoyed as a candidate running for an office like Secretary of State, when I would face a battery of questions about abortion- an issue the Secretary of State cannot affect in any way, shape, or form. Looks like Hisrich hit the happy medium here of a broad spectrum of issues within the scope of the office. Well done!

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