Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Podcast - Guest, Andrew Lee

Been a few weeks since I posted a podcast, but the latest is up and available for your free download. Here's a link to the full archive:

This installment has an interview with my friend Andrew Lee. I was astonished when he told me afterwards that he had never been interviewed before. Andrew was the Program Director at Indy's WXNT 1430-am, hired Abdul Hakim-Shabazz and produced his show before moving to assignments in Tucson AZ & Minneapolis MN.

We had a great conversation about radio, and I really enjoyed discussing the latest Rush Limbaugh incident. Lee is the Program Director at a station that carries Limbaugh in a fairly liberal city. I found it all fascinating.

This installment includes Part 1 of the interview. The next will carry the conclusion.

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