Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Proud Of The Libertarian Ticket

I just wanted to express how excited I am about the Libertarian Party's ticket this year. Sure, I'm a partisan Libertarian and prone to voting 'L' regardless on the basis that a weak Libertarian candidate is still more in line with my policy preferences than strong Democrats or Republicans. This year, though, offers a string of strong Libertarians that I am genuinely proud of.

I will get to vote for the following:

Gary Johnson, President
James Gray, Vice President
Andy Horning, US Senate
Chard Reid, US House District 5
Rupert Boneham, Indiana Governor
Brad Klopfenstein, Indiana Lt. Governor

There isn't a one of them I wouldn't like to see in office. All are capable. All have been successful in their endeavors outside of politics. All of them are genuinely interested in building our state and nation, and making it a better place- making it freer, making it more growth friendly, eliminating cronyism. Each of them would do better by Indiana or the country if they were elected than their Democratic or Republican opponents.

I hope your will vote for these good people next Tuesday. I will be proud to do so. Proud!


Doug said...

Know anything about Benjamin Gehlhausen? He's running for Congress in IN-04.

Mike Kole said...

I must confess that I do not know him, and don't know anything about him. Lacking a website or even a Facebook page is very strange.

Doug said...

Looks like he's a Purdue student.

Jerry Titus said...

Solid young man. Past President of YAL at PU, senior in Professional Flight Technology.

"B.J. is a 25 year old 8th year undergraduate student at Purdue University where he is currently working on a dual degree in Professional Flight Technology and Economics while also earning a minor in Philosophy."