Monday, December 10, 2012

Kole On Indiana Talks

Here's a link to my brief show page on Indiana Talks. I was pleased that Gary was willing to use on old candidate head shot for the page. It was taken by Bob Kirkpatrick while goofing around before the serious shots. I love it. If I could use a face palm and still show my face, that would be perfect, too.

Good lineup shaping up there, including Gary Snyder (WBAT, Marion), Abdul Hakim Shabazz (ex-WXNT), Gerry Dick (Inside Indiana Business). I like the statewide focus Gary is honing in on. A media outlet has to offer something unique, otherwise you can get it somewhere else. It has to have a theme, some kind of common thread that ties everything together, so that one program makes some kind of sense next to another, and the listener has a reason to tune in to more than one program. Gary is putting together such a lineup.

Be sure to 'like' Indiana Talks on Facebook! I'll have my own page in the near future also.

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