Thursday, May 08, 2003

My flag.
I really dig the Culpepper Minutement / Gadsden 'Don't Tread On Me' flag. I was checking out Al Barger's blog, and there it was at the top. It got me to thinking about all of that Pledge of Allegiance noise that followed the court decision calling it unconstitutional. I chased down the original text, not really all that interested in the god flap. If there was a god, he wouldn't need to be lumped in with '& Country' to boost his ego. I was recalling a different beginning to the pledge:

"I pledge allegiance to my flag..." More history.

I like that. My flag.

The Stars & Stripes are nice, but it's just a great, big generality anymore. 50 states. So what? Look who can wrap themselves in it. You can get boxer shorts in the Stars & Stripes. There's something for the flag burners. The '76' flags are nice, too. They point to the Revolution, but don't really convey the emotional power of 'LIBERTY OR DEATH'. Now that's the no-screwing-around real deal!

That's my flag.

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