Monday, September 22, 2003

Putting the Fun in Fundraising

For Brad's campaign, we both agreed that we would avoid boring events and plain ol' stump speeches as fundraising material. So far, so good. We have had two events- a trip to a minor league baseball game and an evening at a nightclub with a swingin' rockabilly band, King Creole.

Next up is a poker party at my place, this Friday night. We'll ask for a $50 donation, and donors will play poker at 9:00pm with chips for fun and door prizes. I'll also serve dinner at 8:00pm along with snacks, sodas, and beer. Those wishing to attend need to RSVP ASAP by email at

We'll probably have one more poker night, and I'll probably also host a TV party featuring Ayn Rand-related videos. I had the crazy idea that we should have a Gong Show party, but that would be way too much work to put together at this point. That would be a riot! Maybe I'll save that idea for a Marion County fundraiser down the road.

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