Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Retail Politics

The Brad Klopfenstein campaign has hit the neighborhoods the last two days on the near East side of Indianapolis, as Brad has knocked on about 100 doors each night, talking to the voters of District 15, and handing out literature.

He reports two things: 1) Have voter registration forms on hand, especially in recently revitalized neighborhoods, and, 2) Really interested voters will ask for specifics on his positions. Of course, he's glad to give details.

Anyone wishing to join the Klopfenstein for Council team can email me at: mikekole@msn.com

An issue fell into our lap, thanks to an article in today's Indy Star. It seems that Indy and some suburban communities have been exploring the possibility of light rail.

Normally, the purely libertarian approach would be to point out that no private operator would touch passenger rail because it would lose money and serve the few at the expense of the many. In Brad's inner city district, we'll point out the same thing- serving the few at the expense of the many- but demonstrating that in this case, the money would benefit suburbanites at the expense of all, including inner city residents. We will also point out that the money blown on the study could have better been spent in protecting inner city residents, improving inner city infrastructure, etc.

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