Tuesday, October 07, 2003


I'll be riveted to the AM talk radio tomorrow in the truck between inspections, listening for news on the California recall. Heck, I'm so eager to hear all I can, I'll probably even tune in to the NPR station.

I disagree quite a bit with Arnold Schwarzneggar's stated policies, ranging widely from some economic issues to some social issues. But I like this about him: he strikes me as a leader.

I have encountered precious few leaders in my life. Leaders will at the least inspire you to excell, and at best encourage and assist you while inspiring you.

I find it very refreshing to even have a leader available in a gubernatorial race. I have not had a chance to vote for a candidate I consider a leader in any election, for any office, in my entire life, so I am more than a little jealous that Californians have this opportunity which they seem to deserve so little. So many technocrats and authoritarians of so many stripes out there...

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