Sunday, October 05, 2003

Back From the Adirondacks

Ame & I took Shasta for a fun trip to upstate New York. It was great despite a cold 14-hour rain that cut the trip short. We had one outstanding, beautiful day of hiking and camping, hanging out with friends (and Groomsmen!) Steve and Greg. We hiked in, set up camp, fetched spring water and firewood, and then enjoyed lounging around for dinner and a campfire. It was as perfect a day as we've ever had there!

Saturday was as lousy a day as we've ever had there, thanks to the rain. I came to the conclusion that with both of our tents wet inside, along with clothes and sleeping bags, and temperatures under 50 degrees, we'd never get dry, and only be the more miserable. We packed up and hiked out and looked for ways to extend the trip outside our original agenda. The drive away from the campsite, through the winding mountain roads, was very enjoyable as we took in misty hilltop views that were sprinkled of violent reds in some trees among the leafy trees that have not yet turned and the pines.

At the end of the day, it's like I told Greg's friend, Jon The Photographer- a bad day at the Pond beats a good day looking up sewer pipes.

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