Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Correct Way to Look at McCain-Feingold

Although he didn't mean to, George Will today showed us how to properly look at the results of McCain-Feingold. Will was intent on taking John Kerry to task on a number of Kerry's double standards, which he did, including the one on campaing money:

Praising McCain-Feingold restrictions on political contributions, you said: ``This bill reduces the power of the checkbook and I will therefore support it." In December you saved your sagging campaign by writing it a $6.4 million check. Why is your checkbook's unfettered freedom wholesome? You deny that restricting campaign contributions restricts speech. How much of the $6.4 million did you spend on speech -- broadcast messages?

It isn't more wholesome, and Kerry isn't the only one with enough money to self-fund, or spouse-fund, a campaign. It must be understood that the real plan behind McCain-Feingold was not to level the playing field, but to eliminate new voices from entering the stadium, and to keep the game in the hands it is currently in.

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