Monday, February 16, 2004

No Child Left Un-Warehoused

Indiana's Governor Joe Kernan favors an all-day kindergarten, citing the need to begin the education of the state's children as early as possible.

This is an interesting take. It suggests that children are not educated anywhere but in a public school house. Tut tut, Mr. Kernan. I recall my own kindergarten experience, bored out of my tiny mind as the teacher taught kids the ABC's. I was bored because my parents had taught me to READ at age four. A half-day with the children of parents who share Kernan's take was torment a-plenty. A full day of it would have driven me to Bedlam.

Why this proposal? Is there a shortage of public education that has caused the poulace to rise up and call for this 'solution'? I have not heard such complaints from parents, and yet, a solution. Sheri Conover Sharlow's article is excellent in assailing this typical, expensive, one-size-fits-all approach to a problem that doesn't exist.

What I want for my son is recess, so he can run around and blow off some of that great store of energy he has, prior to returning to study. He's 12, though. What I want for the children I am going to have is actually no kindergarten at all. I want my child to have lots of time to daydream, to play, to stare at the sky in wonder. I will teach my child to read and write long before the formal classes will be scheduled, just like my parents did with me. I will see to it that the socialization occurs. All parents should do this, not the state. Why have children if you aren't cabable of handling these things on your own?

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