Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Lit Drop

I am always picking up the literature from the other parties in an attempt to find good ideas to steal. This was a bum election in that regard. I didn't find anything original or good.

What did get my interest was a 'sample ballot' distributed by the Democrats. It listed the various offices, such as Governor. There is only one Democratic candidate for governor- the incumbent, Joe Kernan. So far, so good.

Scan higher, though, to the presidential candidates. That's candidates, plural. Alas. This 'sample ballot' shows only one name for president- John F. Kerry.

Hmmm. What happened to John Edwards, Howard Dean, Al Sharpton, Dennis Kucinich and Lyndon LaRouche? Sure, they all fizzled in their bids, but still- all five are candidates for president along with Kerry The Annointed. Funny enough, the 'sample' has six lines and six ovals, but just one name.

It's a subtle way the Marion County Democratic Party 'endorses' their candidates. They don't actually come out and endorse Kerry. They make it seem as though the others don't even exist.

The same thing was done for US Rep District 7, where 4-term incumbent Julia Carson faces a Democrat the Party cares not to name. Ditto the race for Surveyor, where Mary Catherine Barton runs against another Democrat who possibly failed to pay the slating fee, hence, was not named. No word on whether Barton is actually a surveyor or not.

The general election is when the Dems trot out the real goods. I was very impressed with last year's 'how to vote straight Democratic ticket' literature. You can bet that I will see to it that there is similar 'how to vote straight Libertarian ticket' circulated to our members and supporters.

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