Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Low Expectations

These primary elections seem to invigorate next to no one, Democrats especially. I know Ame is miffed about it. Kerry was selected by a handful of states, not elected (couldn't resist), and Governor Kernan is an incumbent, so the status quo remains. Boring!

The Republican primary could excite some folks, since the Indiana governor's race is an actual contest. Sure, Mitch Daniels is the Bush Administration's boy, but that just stands to make him your typical modern liberal Republican, while Eric Miller is running on an actual conservative agenda.

I went to the polling place, and they all know that I am a Libertarian, so I signed the book and shrugged my shoulders. Fortunately, any voter can cast a ballot for any school board candidates, since these are non-partisan races. Huzzah! I received my paper ballot and looked at it and found exactly one candidate. I called out, "One candidate? What is this, the Soviet Union?" and got big laughs from the few people present.

Voting one hour after the poll opened, I cast the fourth ballot of the day. Yup. That's disinterest.

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