Monday, June 07, 2004

Al Barger for US Senate

One of the more satisfying outcomes of a recent meeting of the Libertarian Party of Indiana's Central Committee was to nominate Al Barger for US Senate. Webpage

Incumbent Senator Evan Bayh is as about as untouchable as they come. He is generally more conservative than the average Republican, both fiscally and socially. There were Reagan Democrats throughout the US, but in Indiana, there are Bayh Repubicans. So, why not run a colorful candidate such as Al? He's endlessly quotable, and to make a dent in Bayh, you have to be noteworthy. The GOP's challenger may as well be an empty Coke can. Dr. Marvin Scott has an excellent resume`, but that and $4 will get you a latte at Starbucks. I'd give a week's pay to have Bayh and Barger on the same stage for an hour, along with the Coke can. Sweat would definitely form under Bayh's perfectly coiffed hair, and that rarely happens.

As an internal matter, it was very satisfying that Al could be nominated and accepted despite having a favorable take on the war against Al Qaeda and in Iraq. He is as libertarian as John Hospers or Murray Rothbard ever were, despite straying from orthodoxy on this issue. It is satisfying that there are no purity police on the Central Committee. Other states would have refused to give the assent. Our group recognized that Al is the best man available for an impossible battle. I know I'd rather have someone like Al who is his own man with his own thoughts and reasons than a stiff dogmatic who can only spout platform bromides. That's no different than the Coke can, and probably less effective anyhow.

Plus, Al is my blogfather. His encouragement has led to more than a year of posts on a variety of topics. He is an inspiration as a Mencken of the day. When I read Al's posts about sticking Al Sharpton up in the Democrats and breaking him off inside, I can picture old Henry Louis smacking his knee with hearty guffaws inbetween hacks at the keys.

That's my kind of candidate for this kind of race. I was pleased to sign his campaign papers as Secretary of the LPIN. Have at 'em, Al!

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