Saturday, June 12, 2004

Marriage Degraded Again

As a married man, I am appalled at the latest body blow dealt the institution by a high profile celebrity. I'm not talking about J-Lo, though she and Britney Spears make it tough to explain to kids the value of a marriage. This time it's Rush Limbaugh, who is divorcing his wife of ten years.

Divorce is a bitter pill for a conservative moralist to swallow. Problem is, this is not Rush's first divorce, either. Nor is it his second.

On the heels of his highly publicized drug abuse problem, I'd say his credibility has taken an even greater punch to the brain than the institution has. No doubt, though. When a moralist the stature of Limbaugh can't keep himself hitched 'til death do us part', why should anybody listen to anything he says? Do us all a favor, Rush, and keep your trap shut henceforth on the issues of drugs and marriage. Do yourself a favor and clean out your closets. At this rate, by 2006 you aren't going to have any issues left to speak on with any real authority.

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