Tuesday, June 01, 2004

LP National Convention Report 2

Another thing high on my Convention wish list was that some of the national LP's platform planks would get kicked out. Alas, the platform was supported in much greater numbers than at the 2002 Convention.

Again, my fight is against the Kook Factor. We have platform planks, such as those on the LaGrange Points in space, and as-of-yet undiscovered resources, that rightfully cause the LP to be the subject of well-earned scorn. My fellow Libertarians, do not wonder why we're deemed irrelevant and dismissed out of hand by so many who give us a fair look. Too many of our party are more eager to build air castles in support of esoteric issues of interest to about 37 American geeks rather than provide concrete solutions to the real issues of the day that affect millions.

The quick analysis is that the Conventions held in presidential years tend to attract newer members, purists, and kooks, whereas the off-year Conventions have a greater percentage of County Chairs and serious candidates for offices such as County Commissioner and Township Trustee. The normal faction of the LP shows up for all of the Conventions, but was greatly outnumbered this year. The normal faction of the LP will have to try again in 2006 to remove the albatross that is the national platform from around our necks.

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Mike Kole said...

The Normal Faction got it done! A fair start was launched in removing the planks. Now to get a small, concise platform that address the 5-10 major issues of the day, and heavily promote that!

July, 2006.