Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Fine Time To Be a Libertarian
In Indiana, this is true. Thursday's Noblesville Daily Times featured a front-page, above-the-fold article on the LP's countywide candidates and county organization. (Link not available without subscription.) RTV-6 has a live poll on their website showing LP gubernatorial candidate Kenn Gividen at 14%!
I dare say that the LP of Hamilton County is getting the best coverage of any county affiliate in the country. In the past four months, we have been on the front page three times, above the fold twice. The entry of our candidates was covered as routine news, rather than as curiousity. We've been quoted in some articles to the exclusion of the Republicans, and others to the exclusion of the Democrats. The press is giving us coverage commensurate with the other parties, and the tone is very respectful.
Neighboring Hendricks County received excellent coverage in today's Indy Star. Kudos to Chair Dennis Derrick and to Todd Singer.
A request to libertarians who check out the polls: please don't stuff the poll, and please don't vote if you are not a Hoosier. I believe the numbers in the RTV-6 poll are real at the moment (Kernan 43%, Daniels 43%, Gividen 14%, with about 1630 votes in). I don't want it blown out of proportion by ballot stuffers, as one of the presidential polls is. Badnarik is polling 53% on that one, making it a farce, and leaving us dismissed as frauds. Just click on the 'results' tab to see where it is at if you've already voted, or are not a Hoosier.

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