Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Stuffing Straws For Badnarik

North Carolina libertarians convinced a local CBS TV station to udpate their website to include LP candidate Michael Badnarik with a photo and bio. This is outstanding activism. As a matter of journalistic integrity, Badnarik belongs on such websites.

It has become one of my media pet peeves of late that LP candidates who are on the ballot and running actual campaigns at the top of the ticket aren't being included in the coverage. I urge any letter writing libertarian to notice whether our candidate is included in at least a minimum way (e.g.: "Kenn Gividen is also on the ballot"), and to contact their media when it fails to be noted.

It did make me laugh out loud when I took the straw poll, though. I cast a ballot for Badnarik, and the result popped up. Badnarik has 60% of the votes! Do you think that maybe the webmaster might notice that people from outside of North Carolina are stuffing the ballot?

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