Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fading From The Radar

Normally, I view it as a bad thing when a Libertarian who introduced a policy matter or a legal challenge fades from view or has the limeline taken from them.

Today I cheer it, as presidential candidate Michael Badnarik's ill-advised challenge to the Ohio results has finally been taken over by the Democrats. AP story.

It had looked all along as though Badnarik was carrying water for the Democrats, with no discernable payoff in sight. So, why bother? If it was the matter of principle Badnarik was claiming it was, shouldn't the Democrats, the ostensibly disenfranchised, make their own case? They have the resources, and they should at the very least demonstrate the interest.

Now they are, and it will look foolish. Ah, well, better that the Democrats should look foolish for protecting their own interests rather than the Libertarians playing the fool for fighting on behalf of the Democrats.

On to more important things.

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