Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thumbs Up To Pence

I love giving credit where credit is due. Today, Mike Pence (R-IN) gets heaps of praise from this Libertarian for wanting to scale back some of President Bush's initiatives. It's as if I had written them. From a CNN story:

  • Change the prescription drug benefit passed recently by Congress from a "one-size-fits-all entitlement" to a benefit for those who need federal help to buy prescription drugs.
  • "Reverse the expanding federal role in primary and secondary education, which conservatives believe is a state and local function."
  • Begin to steer back to the goal of a balanced budget.
  • Restore the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech by pursuing changes in new campaign finance laws.

His words are as if they were mine:

"The fate of the Republican majority ... will be largely determined by whether or not we rediscover those principles of limited government that more than anything else propelled us to majority status," said Pence, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a group of more than 100 conservative House members.

Thumbs up, Mike Pence!

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