Saturday, February 26, 2005

Best Radio In Indy

Easy call: WXNT, 1430-am. Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is the only talker in Indy who is doing heavy issue-oriented talk and hosting the lawmakers on all levels, from governor Mitch Daniels, down to the various City-County Councilors, with the state legislators in between. Abdul in the Morning airs from 6-9am, weekdays. Get the online feed if you are outside the range of the airwaves.

WIBC-am could be doing this, especially in light of their large news staff, so it is surprising that they haven't been. That high-watt signal is positively wasted on Garrison.

The amazing thing about Abdul's head-first plunge into Hoosier politics is that he is coming from the Chicago area. Undaunted, he has aggressively pursued policy makers, so his learning curve has been sharp. Beyond that, he includes Libertarians in the mix, which always scores highly with me. Abdul self-describes as a "consistent conservative", but my assessment of him is that of a small-l libertarian. He is in favor of more public policy than I am, and he believes that the Republican Party is still the best vehicle for limited government policy.

WXNT is as close to a libertarian station as you could get. In addition to Abdul, all three hours of the Neal Boortz show air from Noon to 3pm. Boortz alone would make WXNT a favorite. Conservatives Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham are also on.

Minor downside- Michael Savage is unfortunately on, too. The man is simply nasty and unyieldingly negative. Thank goodness he is not a libertarian, or we would suffer a disastrous negative association we can't afford.

Oh well, on the average, WXNT is a great station. Check 'em out!

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